Ril’s Woman is modern, confident and considerate. She is interested in fashion and values quality and timeless elegance. She is caring and responsible. Ril’s values can be summarized into three words: HUMAN, PASSION, REAL.

Anna Komonen

Anna Komonen is a freelance stylist, who works with fashion editorials, advertisements, campaigns and fashion shows. She does styling for many Finnish fashion brands photoshoots and look books and has also some buying experience from shoes department. While working Anna is happy to meet new people and discover interesting places from all over the world. At the moment “the borrowed from gentlemen” -style gets her excited, especially oversized blazers and high-quality wools. “I am always interested in good materials and timeless design. Fashion and passions change but great designs from quality garments never fail to inspire me” she explains.

Passion for fashion began after high school. Before that she had no interest in dressing up or looks. Her career started at nightclubs, where she wore extraordinary, eye catching styles and started to get inquiries to dress shows and performances too. Soon came the more professional fashion shows and all of a sudden, she found herself organising the huge at the time Vateva fashion fair catwalks.

Working with fashion, she sees a lot of trendy clothes, but her own purchases are always based on quality. Because with quality comes comfort. She also pays attention to ethical and ecological matters nowadays. High street fashion does not get her going, instead she always thinks whether she will be wearing the piece after 5 years before getting something new. After all her personal style is classic but with a twist. “I don’t believe in dressing an age. Everyone should wear what they like for as long as they like”. She believes in certain “Je ne sais quoi” attitude, where outfits are either not too planned nor too fitted. Random rather than fixed makes style more interesting.

This autumn, like every other autumn, and as a matter of fact all through the year, she loves to wear knits. The blue mohair blend sweater from Ril’s keeps her warm and transfers from easy going jeans look to an elegant evening ensemble when worn with a silk slip skirt.

Katariina Kaitue

Katariina Kaitue is a 52-year-old actress who works in Finnish national theatre. She is excited about coming fall as it represents new beginnings. The colours of the nature, berries and mushrooms and the freshness of the air give her inspiration. She is also determined to learn something new as she signed up for swimming technique course this fall.

The actress is also very excited about opening of a new play, Pascal Rambert’s “The end of love”, where she performs the leading role together with Timo Torikka.

Passion for acting began when she was a little child. She loved listening to stories and fairy tales and also playing them. One could spot her wandering around dressed as princess wearing her mothers slip skirt. Once she jumped from a storage roof pretending to be Mary Poppins. Of course, with an umbrella in hand. When she first got to visit a theatre, she was enchanted. It was a place where anyone can be anything in any era. To live many fortunes and tell stories.

Due to her profession, Katariina wears someone else’s clothes most time of the day. The clothes for roles must be breathable and flexible, easy to move in. “I often wear black for practise to keep the focus where it belongs, in acting” she shares.

Outside work, Katariina usually chooses jeans and a shirt or knit on her. At parties she likes to feel feminine by choosing flowing and colourful hemlines and heels. She appreciates a good cut, fine materials and local products. The Ril’s dress pictured here responds to all her needs for this fall and cheers her up with colourful print.

Hanna-Maria Seppälä

Hanna-Maria Seppälä is a world champion and 5-time Olympic swimmer. Nowadays she works as an entrepreneur coaching and mentoring athletes and also lecturing in the business world. She gets inspired by learning new things but also listening to her inner self.

Passion for swimming grew early. As a child she was always on the move and very sporty. Three active brothers worked as a source of inspiration and she followed their footsteps and admired them dearly. By the help of brothers only 3 years old Hanna-Maria learned to swim by the lake at their summerhouse.

Athleisure is the word that best describes her style, since she likes to dress in elegant but comfortable clothes. She wants her outfits to be complete and matching, although she doesn’t use much of accessories. Her favourite outfit for fall includes the wide pants combined to a relaxed knit.

Leena Sarvi

Leena Sarvi is a finnish fashion consultant and an entrepreneur who has a extensive career in fashion by modelling, hosting events and lecturing.

At the moment she is looking forward to a visit to Monaco later this month as they are going to see Formula 1 Grand Prix with her husband. She is also looking forward to summer because after a while they have been invited to a wedding in Devon, England.

Her passion for dogs and interest to live with them started when Leena got her much anticipated own puppy as a 8-year birthday present. From then on a dog has always been a part of the family, sometimes even 4 of them! She has raiced poodles by Kennel name Zap's and also brought some from Sweden. The dogs she has raised have won many awards in international competitions. At the moment the family includes two Pomerians, of which the one in her arms is called Rafa, who has won the award in refined series.

When dressing up Leena always considers the occasion and chooses appropriate outfit. She wants to feel lifted and be able to focus on the essential. To put it in other words, she want's to feel confident enough to forget what she wearing and have her focus on the event. She carries many different roles during the day and therefore clothes must serve their purposes. The mornings start with dogwalks and clothes must be right for the weather. Tracksuit is a daily reality, Leena explains.

When she continues to work, the task at hand defines what to put on, either smart casual or more formal, depending on the occasion.

"Right now I am very into dresses and keep on finding new lovelies..." Leena says. One of her favorites this season has been the frilled dress from Ril's she is now wearing.

Vilma Bergenheim

Vilma Bergenheim is a mother, model and a health coach. She lives in Helsinki with her husband and their 6-year-old son. Vilma has a passion for healthy diet and the whole family eats mainly plant based food.

Vilma loves travelling and finding new health stores, restaurants and cafes where she can enjoy a healthy dish. Passion for healthy food started when she was living in New York. American kitchen wasn’t very appealing and therefore she started to watch what she ate. Healthy options were much easier to find than for example from Finland. After beginning her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, her diet changed completely.

Vilma appreciates most comfort and quality in her clothing. She wouldn’t dress in anything that doesn’t suit her personality or body. At the moment her favourite items are jeans or shorts with a knit. “I really like turtlenecks because I don’t use any scarves” Vilma says. Her favourite colour is dark blue.

Currently Vilma is inspired by discussions with friends and as a social person she is delighted to live in Finland again, near family and friends.

Anna Inginmaa

Anna Inginmaa is a singer/songwriter who has always felt passionate about music, ever since childhood. Expressing herself through dancing is also important to Anna and she is practising constantly on combining these two. In her youth she found inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday to pursue a career in music.

Anna describes herself a feminine dresser, but looks for clothes where she can move in and feel comfortable on stage. While working with her first solo album, she also has set up her own Jazzclub at Vantaa Cultural Center Vernissa. Club will have it’s opening night in February the 15th, where a trio of talented jazzmusicians from Sibelius Academy will be performing alongside her. A guest performance from Kauko Röyhkä is to be expected!

"It is important to be daring and take risks even if it brings a little discomfort to oneself".