Ril’s Woman is modern, confident and considerate. She is interested in fashion and values quality and timeless elegance. She is caring and responsible. Ril’s values can be summarized into three words: HUMAN, PASSION, REAL.

Vilma Bergenheim

Vilma Bergenheim is a mother, model and a health coach. She lives in Helsinki with her husband and their 6-year-old son. Vilma has a passion for healthy diet and the whole family eats mainly plant based food.

Vilma loves travelling and finding new health stores, restaurants and cafes where she can enjoy a healthy dish. Passion for healthy food started when she was living in New York. American kitchen wasn’t very appealing and therefore she started to watch what she ate. Healthy options were much easier to find than for example from Finland. After beginning her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, her diet changed completely.

Vilma appreciates most comfort and quality in her clothing. She wouldn’t dress in anything that doesn’t suit her personality or body. At the moment her favourite items are jeans or shorts with a knit. “I really like turtlenecks because I don’t use any scarves” Vilma says. Her favourite colour is dark blue.

Currently Vilma is inspired by discussions with friends and as a social person she is delighted to live in Finland again, near family and friends.

Anna Inginmaa

Anna Inginmaa is a singer/songwriter who has always felt passionate about music, ever since childhood. Expressing herself through dancing is also important to Anna and she is practising constantly on combining these two. In her youth she found inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday to pursue a career in music.

Anna describes herself a feminine dresser, but looks for clothes where she can move in and feel comfortable on stage. While working with her first solo album, she also has set up her own Jazzclub at Vantaa Cultural Center Vernissa. Club will have it’s opening night in February the 15th, where a trio of talented jazzmusicians from Sibelius Academy will be performing alongside her. A guest performance from Kauko Röyhkä is to be expected!

"It is important to be daring and take risks even if it brings a little discomfort to oneself".